company history

Silk King Canada is a subsidiary of Silk King China, a successful family operated business specializing in high-end silk products.

Helen Wang is the founder of the international branch of the company and has worked in the silk merchandise industry for over 20 years providing her expertise to thousands of customers around the world as the General Manager of Silk King’s flagship store in Shanghai, China.

She has now decided to introduce Silk King’s brand of unique silk products to the Canadian market. We offer a wide array of exotic silk items that are surely to impress those who have a discerning eye for acquiring quality merchandise.

Silk King Canada is also committed to supporting local community charities. We have participated in many events due to the importance of bringing awareness to the general public of their causes in conjunction with making our products accessible to everyone.

If you like what you see then let us know. As we start our new journey in Canada, Silk King invites your valuable input in strengthening our continued legacy from east to west.