is a Shanghai born silk and fabric specialist whose entire professional career has been associated with clothing, fabrics and fashion. She started her vocation in the clothing business as a tailor, mastering the art of clothing construction. While in her early thirties, she joined the family run business, Shanghai Silk Commercial Building Company (Silk King) as a sales representative. Her thorough product knowledge and ability to instantly connect with customers resulted in her promotion to Branch Manager.

Due to her outstanding performance and innate understanding of the business, she was brought to the flagship store as Floor Manager. Due to the increasing international demand for genuine silk products, Helen has invested significant time and effort grooming the growing foreign markets.

Her endeavours have been tremendously successful as Silk King has continuously been considered the number one choice of silk products by foreign dignitaries and visitors. Numerous high profile politicians and their spouses have become loyal customers of Silk King. She was integral in developing notable distribution business agreements in Europe and the Middle East. Now as General Manager of the flagship store, Helen has decided to introduce these exquisite silk products to North America with a brand new subsidiary called Silk King (Canada) Inc.